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Minor in Possession of Alcohol Attorney Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia SC defense lawyer you can trust to fight for your rights if you're facing an underage drinking-related charge

Being charged with possession of alcohol if you are under 21 years old in South Carolina might not seem like a serious crime. But in Columbia, home to the University of South Carolina, and other neighboring colleges, police officers and prosecutors take a tough stance against underage drinking. You may be a college student with your whole life ahead of you, but an arrest on a possession of alcohol charge can become something you will have to explain away for years to come.

State criminal defense attorney Matt Bodman takes such charges seriously right from the first time he meets with clients. He knows how serious a criminal conviction can be, even for a seemingly minor charge like possession of alcohol by a minor. Attorney Bodman helps students explore alternatives to convictions and means for expunging your record.

He has extensive experience working in the legal system in South Carolina. Before founding his law firm, he served for five years as a public prosecutor (Assistant Solicitor) in Richland County. During that time, he gained a tremendous amount of criminal trial experience that he continues to build on as an experienced Columbia criminal defense lawyer.

Whether you are a college student or the parent of a student (even if you live out of state), contact us immediately. You can count on a former prosecutor to provide an aggressive defense for your Columbia underage DUI charge.

Columbia, SC area colleges and universities

The following are the colleges in Columbia. If you are a student at one of the colleges or private schools and need an attorney, contact Matt Bodman today to talk about your circumstances:

  • University of South Carolina
  • Allen University
  • Benedict College
  • Columbia College
  • Columbia International University
  • ECPI University
  • Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Fortis College
  • South Carolina School of Leadership
  • Virginia College

What is the penalty for a minor in possession of alcohol conviction?

If you are found guilty of this charge, you could be fined as well as sentenced to up to 30 days in jail. Minors convicted of this charge lose their driver's license for a period of time. However, there are often ways to avoid convictions for these offenses. Contact Matt Bodman to see how he can help avoid a criminal record for you or your son or daughter.

What other legal issues are often involved with such charges?

Along with the charge of minor in possession of alcohol, many defendants face other charges and have important legal questions. The two most common topics we deal with at our law firm for such charges include:

Possession of Fake ID

Some high school and college students try to buy alcohol using a fake ID. South Carolina takes a tough stance against minors who buy alcohol using a false or altered driver's license. The official charge for possessing a fake ID in South Carolina is "Unlawful Use of License, Fraudulent Application."

If you are found guilty of this charge, you could be fined $2,500 and sentenced to up to 30 days in jail. Your prison sentence could be even longer - up to 6 months in jail - if you are charged with altering another person's driver's license in certain circumstances.

Second and subsequent offenses could result in a jail sentence of up to 6 months in prison and a $2,500 fine. An experienced South Carolina fake ID attorney can help protect your interests and your freedom.

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Why Out-of-State Parents May Need a SC Attorney

If your son or daughter was charged with possession of alcohol in Columbia or another city in South Carolina, you might not know what to do, especially if you live in another state. You may think of calling an attorney in your town or city, but he or she likely won't be familiar with the South Carolina laws governing underage drinking. If you search for an attorney in South Carolina, you may be unable to distinguish one from the other. You might even think you won't need to hire a lawyer for such a seemingly minor infraction.

Because law enforcement officials take a hard line against underage drinking, especially in college towns like Columbia, S.C., it's critical to have a seasoned attorney who is a former prosecutor representing your son or daughter. Attorney Bodman prosecuted a variety of criminal cases for the state for five years. Since 2002, as a private criminal defense attorney, he has represented numerous young adults charged with drinking-related offenses.

Attorney Bodman knows the system inside out and consistently resolves complicated cases in a straightforward, effective manner. If you live out of state and need a lawyer to represent your child, call today for a free consultation.

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