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Aggressive attorney Matt Bodman consistently delivers results in the state courts

South Carolina's criminal system can be confusing if you have never been charged with a crime. And if you have been convicted of a crime in the past, you know just how serious you need to take the criminal charges facing you now.

A criminal conviction can change your life. If you are found guilty of a crime in South Carolina, you could be fined thousands of dollars and spend several months or even years in jail. Then there are the other consequences that come with having a criminal record. Finding a job often becomes harder or getting a loan or other important matters.

With so much at stake, you need an aggressive attorney who is prepared to give you the best possible defense. Attorney Matt Bodman understands the seriousness of state criminal charges. That's why he wants to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case. You may be a college student at the University of South Carolina. You may be someone who is working behind a desk. Perhaps you work in a construction-related field. Whatever your background might be, you often only have one shot at justice. Make the most of your opportunity. Contact us today and let Matt Bodman protect your rights throughout the legal process. Call (866) 487-9077.

What are common state criminal charges in South Carolina?

Criminal charges at the state level cover a wide range. Along with many drug charges and DUI defense cases, some of the most common crimes we handle at our law firm include:

If you've been charged with any of these crimes or you are under investigation, get in touch with our office immediately. The longer you wait to contact a lawyer, the harder it often can be to build a strong legal case. Witnesses' memories fade. Physical evidence sometimes disappears.

Attorney Bodman knows his way around the courtroom and has a proven track record of success in presenting a case to a jury.

Frequently asked questions about criminal defense cases in South Carolina

Information is power. That's why we have provided the following common questions people have after they are charged with a state crime. If you do not see a specific question you have - or even if you do - contact our office. Every criminal charge is unique, which is why we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach with clients. We genuinely want to learn about your specific case and help you get your life back on track.

What should I do if I'm charged with a state crime?

In general, the less you say to the arresting officer or investigator, the better. Remember, anything you say to law enforcement officials can be used against you. That's why it's always best in most cases to politely decline to answer any questions until you have spoken with your attorney.

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What are the penalties for a state criminal conviction?

The penalties vary widely in South Carolina. From small fines to long prison sentences, the penalties differ depending from charge to charge, and often from one case to another. Some of the key factors that influence the penalties for state criminal convictions include:

  • Previous convictions for similar crimes
  • Whether guns or other weapons were involved in the crime
  • Whether anyone was physically harmed

Many other factors can also influence the prison sentence or other penalties associated with a conviction in a state court. Contact us today to determine whether there are any alternatives to being convicted, such as dismissal, diversionary programs or reduced charges.

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Do I need a lawyer even if my charge is "minor"?

So-called minor charges often turn out to be much more complicated legal cases. If you are convicted of a minor charge, that conviction could have a profound impact. Employers often don't hire job applicants with a criminal record. Don't take chances with your future. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer working with you on your case.

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How much money does it cost to hire a lawyer?

Fees vary for attorneys and from case to case. Contact attorney Bodman to see how he can help.

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How soon should I contact a lawyer?

As soon as possible. It's never too soon to get sound legal advice if you have been charged with a crime. A lawyer can walk you through all the legal options available to you.

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Why should I hire attorney Bodman to handle my case?

A former assistant state prosecutor, Bodman has an in-depth knowledge of South Carolina's legal system. He knows the tactics the government often uses. He knows how to negotiate with prosecutors and prepares every case for a possible trial. An accomplished and aggressive counselor, he has appeared as a guest commentator on Court TV (now called TruTV). People trust his legal opinions.

Attorney Bodman personally prepares every single case he handles. He takes this detail-oriented approach because he wants to learn as much as possible about your case. He won't make excuses or ignore your input. He genuinely wants to work closely with you and develop a legal strategy that fits your specific needs.

"I strongly believe my clients' best interests should always come first," Bodman said. "As your lawyer, I promise to do the same for you. I promise to work hard on your case and do everything I can to help you achieve a positive outcome."

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