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Columbia, SC criminal defense lawyer Matt Bodman knows that one of the best ways to find out about an attorney is to read what others have to say about him. Matt Bodman is proud to have helped so many people get through difficult times. The following are testimonials from clients who have been represented by attorney Bodman:

I just wanted to say thank you for assisting me with my DUI case. Without your help, I am not sure what the outcome would have been. Because of your help, the charge of DUI was reduced to reckless driving. This eliminated the criminal charge on my record and now I do not have to worry about the results this would have caused to any future employment opportunities. You will never know how much you are appreciated.

This was our first time ever needing an attorney and you were pretty good. I couldn't have asked for a better Lawyer to represent me and you went above and beyond for me. Your office eased me through the legal process and navigated me through to the other side with great satisfaction and amazing results. Thank you!

I am glad to know that if I ever need an attorney again, I will be contacting you first.

I was very pleased with Matt Bodman serving as my defense attorney for my legal case. As a University Student, I had never been in legal trouble and was very frightened that my arrest would severely affect my future.  He was very helpful from the moment I met him all the way until my court case was resolved. Matt was very accessible and provided me his cell phone number so I could easily contact him with any questions and concerns. He even made himself accessible to my family, who was equally concerned and distressed with my legal issues. Throughout my legal process, Mr. Bodman was very honest and worked very aggressively to ensure a favorable outcome. While in court, it was obvious that Mr. Bodman was very experienced and has established a strong relationship with the Solicitor Office Personnel and with officers in local police departments. Even though it was not simple, Matt Bodman cleared the criminal charges from my record and has steered my career goals back on the right track.

In my opinion, Matt Bodman is a first-class legal attorney in Columbia.   His experience is unmatched and his legal help is premium quality.  Mr. Bodman is a blessing to my family and me and saved my life from being permanently stained by an irresponsible decision that I made in college. I would highly recommend Matt Bodman to anyone in search of outstanding legal help.

Good Morning Matt,

I first want to Thank you for all you have ever done for me. You are an amazing attorney and I could not have asked for anyone better to represent me. You always remained positive and made me feel that everything was going to be ok and it always turned out well. I would recommend your services to anyone that was in need. You are kind, understanding, well educated, and extremely helpful from the large items to ordinary advice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I have had a very pleasant experience with Matt Bodman representing me as my defense attorney. As a college student from out of state, I am on my own without the comfort of having my parents close by. I felt comfortable with Matt handling my legal issues because he felt like a fatherly figure with his calm and collected attitude and extensive years of experience. I honestly did not make it easy for Matt, but he was very understanding and helped me get through a difficult time. I felt comfortable discussing my concerns with Matt and felt no judgment what so ever from him. He helped to ease the anxiety I was experiencing by assuring me that I wasn't the only one who has made a mistake before, my life was not going to end, and everything would be okay. He has stayed true to his word and been there every step of the way taking care of everything. Matt helped me clear my record of any charges that would prevent me from attaining a career after graduation. I am thankful that I do not have to worry about a few irresponsible mistakes in college setting me back from achieving my goals in life.

Everyone I have met relating to my legal experience has had positive things to say about Matt. He has an excellent reputation in the legal industry in Columbia and maintains positive relationships with the Richland County Solicitor's Office personnel. I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone seeking legal help of any kind, especially fellow college students like me.


I knew the moment I met Matt Bodman, he would take care of my son's legal needs in the most professional, thorough, and caring manner. Honestly, as a recently retired military Colonel with over 30 years serving our country, I anticipated it was going to be challenging to locate an individual who would meet the often-accused demanding standards I expected of my subordinates and with minimal hyperbole. Matt was punctual from our first meeting to our last, always accessible if we needed, and unexpectedly sincere about his instantaneous offer to contact him anytime via his private cell. I could immediately tell he cared about our plight and its distinguishing needs. He was always a call, text or email away from responding to each of my (or my wife's!) questions - regardless how exhaustive they were. I am sure you can relate to a "mothers" never-ending queries! Throughout it all, Matt constantly made us feel as if we were his only clients. He was a very attentive listener, meticulous in his research, comprehensive in his explanations, and consistently calm - always keeping us focused toward the most attainable and best goals.


"Matt was such a blessing! He helped me through my case and was there for me step by step. He gave me his cell phone number and was there when I had a question or concern. I couldn't be more happier with the result of my case and I wouldn't think twice about calling him to represent me again!"


"Attorney Matt Bodman is a great legal representative. Attorney Bodman represented me in a case that took place in Myrtle Beach, S.C. I was very impressed with his legal work and his follow up on a case that was not even in the city that I lived in. He expedites things and is very prompt and efficient. He follows up with things as he says. This quality service is very hard to find these days. I would recommend him to everyone I know. He is on my list of Columbia's finest criminal attorneys in my opinion."

From an 18 year old client


"Matt represented me for two different charges and did it in a very professional manner. I was kept up to date on any matters regarding my case and the entire time felt like my case was a priority for him. He maintained a confident attitude which gave me confidence and eased any worries I had regarding my case. Matt is a very skilled and experienced attorney and I highly recommend his services."


"Matt Bodman is a terrific attorney. He is extremely professional and handled my case in an extremely efficient matter. While working with him, he was easily accessible and gave excellent legal advice. My legal matter couldn't have been handled any better. I highly recommend Matt." 

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