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Have you, a family member or co-worker received a state grand jury subpoena? Don't wait to take legal action. Contact an attorney immediately. State grand jury investigations can be very complex and can have serious consequences for people subpoenaed or investigated by them.

A former prosecutor who now works as a criminal defense lawyer, Matt Bodman has a comprehensive understanding of South Carolina's grand jury process. He's seen the system from both sides. As a skilled state grand jury attorney in South Carolina, he has defended clients in many state grand jury cases. Because of his skills and vast experience, many people in Columbia and other neighboring communities have hired him to protect their rights and serve as their lawyer in various state criminal defense cases. Attorney Bodman also represents students from the Columbia, SC area.

What is the state grand jury in South Carolina?

The state grand jury investigates and prosecutes complex cases throughout South Carolina, often on behalf of the South Carolina Attorney General's Office. Similar to the federal grand jury system, a state grand jury can issue subpoenas for documents and make witnesses testify in connection with its investigation.

Grand jurors are summoned from all over South Carolina to serve on a state grand jury. The selection process begins with the random selection of 700 eligible jurors statewide. That field of candidates is then randomly narrowed down to 60 people before narrowing the field down even more to 18 jurors and 4 alternate jurors.

Members of South Carolina's state grand jury serve for 2 years. People serving on the jury normally only report to court a few days a month. Unlike normal court cases, grand jury proceedings are kept private and there is no judge present. Instead, prosecutors normally present cases directly to the state grand jury, which then primarily rules on whether to indict someone or bring criminal charges against them.

What types of cases are handled by the state grand jury in South Carolina?

Cases handled by the state grand jury often take a long period of time as the grand jury weighs and examines evidence and testimony. The jury is limited in the types of cases it can investigate. The areas are defined by statute and include complex cases that involve:

  • Public corruption
  • Election fraud
  • Multijurisdictional drugs charges
  • Gang crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Terrorism
  • Computer and Internet crimes
  • Obscenity
  • Fraud such as securities fraud and bank fraud

If you are a target of a law enforcement investigation or you are a material witness in a state grand jury case, do not talk to anyone until you talk to an attorney. Contact our law firm as soon as possible.

Why should I hire Matt Bodman for my state grand jury case?

Attorney Bodman served as a Richland County assistant solicitor for five years. As a prosecutor, he handled many complex criminal cases. Since 2002, he has used his extensive knowledge and experience prosecuting cases to help people as a criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Bodman knows the tactics investigators often use to gather evidence. He knows the questions they ask and how certain answers can dramatically influence the outcome of a case.

We can aggressively protect your interests at all levels of the criminal justice system, including before state and federal grand juries. Contact Matt Bodman, P.A., for a free consultation if you or someone close to you has received a state grand jury subpoena. Call (866) 487-9077.

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