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Was Your Child Arrested in South Carolina? Take Fast Action to Protect Them

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A juvenile criminal defense lawyer can explain your potential options.

Juvenile criminal charges should be taken just as seriously as adult charges. The penalty for being a minor in possession of alcohol conviction, for example, may include a big fine and jail time.

Many parents don't know until it happens to them, but you must take fast action to protect your son or daughter if they were arrested as juveniles in South Carolina. One of the first things you should do to protect your child's rights and freedom is to contact a trusted juvenile criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. There's a lot they can do to help you and your child.

Matt Bodman, P.A., has been fighting to protect the rights and freedoms of others for over 20 years. As a former assistant solicitor in Richland County, attorney Bodman understands how juvenile justice works at a local and personal level. He has an insider's knowledge of what it takes to achieve results in South Carolina and the Columbia and Lexington area. If your son or daughter was arrested in South Carolina, get answers to your legal questions. Contact us for a free case consultation.

What does a juvenile defense lawyer do?

The following are just some of the ways a South Carolina juvenile defense lawyer can help your son or daughter.

  • Answer questions. Whether you are the out-of-state parent of a university student or a local South Carolinian, the state's juvenile justice system can be complex. Attorney Bodman can explain how the laws apply to your situation, the penalties your child faces, and the process forward. No matter when you call, we are quick to respond.
  • Oversee police interviews. Police can ask a lot of questions, but your child does not have to answer all of them. Attorney Bodman can be by your child's side for every question. He can shoot down police attempts to get a self-incriminating statement from your child. And he can push back against attempts to have your child tried as an adult.
  • Help you contact your child. Can you call? Can you visit? Depending on the circumstances of your child's case, you may be able to see them while they are in custody. No matter where they are in South Carolina, Attorney Bodman knows how to contact juveniles in custody.
  • Investigate the charges. Attorney Bodman gets to the bottom of what happened. Our law firm conducts thorough investigations and collects strong evidence to support your case. We analyze the so-called "evidence" against your child for mistakes and inconsistencies that may work to your advantage.
  • Challenge illegal acts. Were your child's civil rights violated during the arrest? Was evidence obtained illegally? In general, evidence collected illegally cannot be presented in court. Sometimes, when key evidence is thrown out, or an arrest is poorly executed, charges are dismissed.
  • Provide case updates. We will keep you informed of your case's progress but if you want an update sooner, just contact us for the latest information.
  • Negotiate. Most juvenile justice charges are resolved during a hearing with a family court judge who can dismiss or hear the case. If your child pleads "not guilty," they will have an adjudicatory hearing, which is kind of like a trial without a jury. Attorney Bodman can negotiate for the best results at the hearing.
  • Litigate. Not all juvenile charges are resolved in family court. Your child has a right to a trial by jury in which the state must prove the allegations against your child beyond a reasonable doubt. Attorney Bodman has decades of trial experience. He can build and present a defense case that fits your child's needs.

Don't gamble on a public defender.

Do not leave your child's freedom in the hands of an over-burdened public defender who is already juggling too many cases. Your son or daughter deserves a strong defense from an attorney who will fight for the best possible outcome.

Attorney Bodman has a reputation for relentlessly defending university and college students as well as teens who are charged with crimes. Our law firm is located in Columbia and serves all of South Carolina. If your child was arrested in South Carolina, contact us for a free case consultation right now.

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