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How Can Matt Bodman Help?

When you're facing DUI charges, you need a former prosecutor's help

Let's be clear: A charge of driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious matter. Even for a first offense, you could be facing hundreds of dollars in fines, a month in jail and a six-month license suspension. If you already have previous convictions on your record, those penalties will only get be worse.

If you can get those charges dismissed or get a judgment in your favor in court, you can avoid all of those harsh penalties - not to mention even tougher ones for a potential future conviction.

To keep your independence and avoid paying high penalties, you need a defense attorney who can help you fight your DUI charges. As a former assistant solicitor - the South Carolina term for a prosecutor - Matt Bodman understands the process the state will use to try to convict you of DUI. As your attorney, Matt Bodman will:

  • Search for evidence to produce a favorable outcome
  • Carefully analyze your arrest report for mistakes or inconsistences
  • Consult with experts in their field to review your case if necessary
  • File the necessary paperwork in court in a timely manner
  • Keep you informed every step of the way

Matt understands how the prosecution builds cases - and how to knock them down

When attorney Bodman takes your case, he'll file a motion on your behalf for the prosecution to release all the evidence they have. He will pore over the documents looking for critical evidence. Any of the following can lead to a favorable outcome for you:

  • Probable Cause: In order for a police officer to pull you over in the first place, he or she needs probable cause - an offense such as speeding, weaving or another traffic violation. Likewise, the officer needs further probable cause to make an arrest. Attorney Bodman may be able to show that the officer did not have probable cause either to make the initial stop or the arrest, thereby causing the case to be dismissed.
  • Evidence: Field sobriety tests and witness testimonies are fairly subjective and open to interpretation. Breathalyzer tests also must be administered a certain way which attorney Bodman will examine.
  • Video: In criminal cases, the evidence that isn't there is often just as important as the evidence that is. We'll review the video evidence surrounding your DUI incident and point out if you weren't staggering, slurring your speech or otherwise behaving in an impaired manner. The police also must do certain things on video which attorney Bodman will explore.

Attorney Bodman has a strong track record of success. As your attorney, he will carefully analyze every aspect of your case, ranging from probable cause of the vehicle stop to the way a field sobriety test was administered. Any piece of evidence can have an alternative explanation, and an experienced attorney knows how to use each and every alternative. He'll guide you through every step of the process and work relentlessly to build you a winning defense.

DUI cases are always serious, and Matt Bodman can provide the serious representation you need. Don't hesitate to contact us. Call (866) 487-9077 to schedule your free consultation.

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