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DUI Blood Tests

Call an experienced DUI attorney if you’ve been arrested

In South Carolina, the police use chemical testing in DUI cases. Sometimes, this testing is done by drawing blood from suspected drunk drivers. If blood test evidence is being used against you in a drunk driving charge, it’s important to contact an experienced DUI attorney. The law firm of Matt Bodman, P.A. can help.

By law, all licensed drivers in South Carolina have given their “implied consent” for breath, urine or blood testing if they are suspected of driving under the influence. If a police officer suspects a driver has been impaired by alcohol, the driver will be asked to take a breath test. If the driver is suspected of being impaired by drugs, a urine test will be requested.

Under South Carolina law, there are four situations in which a police officer can request a blood sample be drawn for testing:

  • When the driver has an injured mouth
  • When the driver is unconscious
  • When the driver is dead
  • When the driver is unable to take a breath test for any reason acceptable to a medical professional.

The results of blood tests can be very powerful evidence for the state in a DUI case. But the constitutionality of warrantless blood draws has been challenged many times in higher courts, and the issue is evolving. If you have been arrested for DUI, you have the right to challenge any blood test evidence.

A DUI charge is very serious, and a conviction can have a significant impact on your life and on your future. You could face thousands in fines and possible jail time. You could lose your license and see your car insurance premiums rise. Your car may need to be fitted with an ignition interlock device (IID). A DUI conviction could also affect your ability to seek employment. There may also be personal consequences.

Aggressively defending your rights

Prosecutors take a hard line in DUI cases and aggressively pursue charges against drivers who have been arrested. That’s why you need an experienced DUI attorney who will aggressively fight to protect your rights.

Attorney Matt Bodman is a former prosecutor who knows how DUI cases are put together. He knows the kind of evidence that is used and where to look for weaknesses in cases. Prosecutors are only interested in getting a conviction. Attorney Bodman is interested in making sure that you are treated fairly.

Our legal team investigates your arrest thoroughly. If a warrantless blood draw was used to determine impairment, we can challenge the admissibility of the test results as evidence. We will also carefully review all other details of your arrest to see if the police followed proper procedure at all times.

If you’ve been arrested on a DUI charge in South Carolina, it’s important to talk to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Schedule a free consultation at our Columbia office by calling (866) 487-9077. Attorney Bodman will review the details of your case, answer any questions you have, and explain your options.

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