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What You Should Know About DUI Penalties In South Carolina

In an effort to crack down on DUI accidents and offenders, state lawmakers in 2014 enacted a measure called Emma’s Law, which requires first-time DUI offenders with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.15 or higher to have an ignition interlock installed at their own expense for at least six months. Repeat offenders convicted of DUI in...

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How Police Identify Intoxicated Drivers in Columbia

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense that carries many unpleasant consequences. Because of this, suspected drunk drivers have legal protections that apply before formal criminal charges are ever filed. Law enforcement officers must respect a suspect's constitutional rights throughout drunk driving investigations. It is important for drivers to understand what signs of intoxication police...

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How Columbia Police Body Camera Footage Can Affect Your Criminal Case

Police departments and law enforcement agencies nationwide have come under fire in recent years. Time and again, incidents involving use of excessive force make national news. These events have seriously undermined public confidence in law enforcement agents across the nation. In response to these events, many agencies are now implementing the use of Body Worn...

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What to Do When You Encounter a DUI Checkpoint

When you are behind the wheel and encounter a DUI checkpoint, do you know what to do? Maybe it's a holiday weekend and police are out in force, stopping every car and looking for evidence of driving under the influence. You just came from a party and had a few drinks. Now what? If you...

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S.C. Criminal Defense: Life-Without-Parole Reforms in Focus

South Carolina is considering reforming its life-without-parole laws, which could put it at the forefront of a nationwide effort to end the mass incarcerations that began with the 1980s' so-called "War on Drugs." While progress has been made in terms of reducing punishments for those facing shorter sentences, the fact remains that more than one-third...

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Changes to Federal Law May Affect South Carolina Drug Cases

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made no secret of his passion for prosecuting drug cases. Under his authority, the U.S. Justice Department has focused more intently on federal drug offenses. Under the previous administration, many minor drug offenses were given low priority as prosecutors focused instead on a broader range of offenses. The departmental...

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Marijuana Arrests Remain Serious Offense in South Carolina

Lawmakers in South Carolina and throughout the country continue to make changes to marijuana laws. ABC15 reports the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act continues to work its way through the state legislature. The South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance contends the measure would allow specific patients with debilitating conditions access to marijuana for medical purposes. Evolving statutes...

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South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses White Collar Crime

White collar crime involves non-violent acts committed for financial gain by government or business professionals in a position of authority. Usually called fraud or embezzlement, these crimes also include insider trading, tax evasion, trade secret theft, and public corruption.   Lawyers often call them “paper” cases due to the overwhelming amount of complex transactions involved. And, you could...

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Columbia DUI Enforcement Increased During the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful. With decorations, parties, gifts, visitors, and meals, many Columbia residents may be tempted to relax by drinking. Unfortunately, this contributes to an increase in drunk drivers during the holiday season. South Carolina law enforcement agencies know this, and combat the trend with increased DUI enforcement during the holiday season....

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