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The Difference Between Pardon vs. Expungement in South Carolina

A criminal defense lawyer in Columbia, SC explains For many people, having a clean criminal record is critical to maintaining a good life for themselves and their loved ones. Having past convictions often holds people back from getting good jobs and education, among other things. In South Carolina, you have options to influence how your...

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Getting Your License Back After a DUI

One of the toughest consequences of a DUI charge in South Carolina is losing your driving privilege. Having your driver's license suspended could affect your ability to get to work and meet other personal and professional commitments. Losing your license for even a short time can put your livelihood in jeopardy, and that can be...

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Marijuana Breathalyzer Test Raises Questions

South Carolina defense lawyers explain what drivers need to know Law enforcement officials, employers, and others may soon be able to test whether people have consumed or smoked marijuana using a marijuana breathalyzer test, according to an in-depth article published by Discover Magazine. However, whether the test accurately assesses if someone is actually under the...

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How to choose the right criminal defense lawyer for your case

It's hard to overstate just how much is at stake when you're under investigation or facing criminal charges. Your freedom, finances, and future all hang in the balance. Recently, South Carolina courts have issued a number of sentences that have attracted prominent attention, including: A 20-year-old Columbia man was sentenced to 25 years in prison...

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Can you trust THC breathalyzer results?

Research that helped modify a THC breathalyzer to identify COVID-19 is being used to improve the detection of recent marijuana use. Hound Labs in California says that it has developed a marijuana breathalyzer that is so sensitive it can tell if someone has smoked marijuana within the last 4 hours. The product is expected to...

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How do you get a pardon in South Carolina?

In the state of South Carolina, applying for a pardon can be a lengthy and difficult process, many elements of which can prove difficult to navigate. But overall, there are three main components that are necessary for completing a Pardon Application, including written letters of support, information from the applicant, and payment of the application...

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How does an arrest warrant work?

Ever heard the urban legend about a man who was recently arrested on a warrant issued over a decades-old traffic violation? The story goes that for years, the man was unaware that law enforcement was looking for him. It wasn’t until the man was pulled over by police for a minor violation that he learned...

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The harsh legal consequences of cocaine charges in South Carolina

Of all the states, South Carolina has some of the harshest sentences in the country for cocaine charges. According to a recent analysis of sentencing laws and outcomes by USA Today, no other state sentenced more people for longer sentences over cocaine than South Carolina. In one year, South Carolina sentenced 143 people to prison...

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