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South Carolina Attorney Explains What to Do When Stopped by Police

Sobriety checkpoints are often set up throughout South Carolina when police believe drunk driving is likely to occur. Unfortunately, those obeying the law sometimes get caught up in these crackdowns. Being stopped at a checkpoint or pulled over while driving can be scary for many us. Understanding how to handle the situation may save you...

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A Lawyer Explains the Consequences of a DUI in South Carolina

South Carolina takes an extremely tough stance against drunk drivers with a variety of regulations and escalating penalties. There are three sets of laws concerning DUI and your penalty can even be affected by your age and profession. Another set of laws apply if you are driving with an unlawful alcohol content (DUAC) that is...

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How To Receive A Pardon For A South Carolina Criminal Case

South Carolina criminal defense attorney explains process  If you are convicted of crimes in South Carolina, consequences can follow you long after your sentence is completed. A criminal record means you no longer have all of your rights as a citizen. You are not allowed to serve on a jury, hold most elected offices, or...

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New South Carolina Expungement Law May Put More Convicts to Work

Starting in December, a broader range of people with criminal convictions in South Carolina will be eligible to have their records expunged. This dramatic change could go a long way toward helping those charged with a felony put their conviction behind them and move forward with their lives.  The new law, which passed in June and goes into effect at the end of the year, expands...

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South Carolina Attorney Applauds New State Expungement Law

South Carolina lawmakers recently passed a new law designed to make it easier for people convicted of “low level” crimes to have their criminal record expunged after a period of good behavior, a decision hailed by South Carolina criminal defense lawyer Matt Bodman. “This new law gives people who have earned a second chance an...

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What You Should Know About DUI Penalties In South Carolina

In an effort to crack down on DUI accidents and offenders, state lawmakers in 2014 enacted a measure called Emma’s Law, which requires first-time DUI offenders with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.15 or higher to have an ignition interlock installed at their own expense for at least six months. Repeat offenders convicted of DUI in...

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How Police Identify Intoxicated Drivers in Columbia

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense that carries many unpleasant consequences. Because of this, suspected drunk drivers have legal protections that apply before formal criminal charges are ever filed. Law enforcement officers must respect a suspect's constitutional rights throughout drunk driving investigations. It is important for drivers to understand what signs of intoxication police...

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