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Football Rivalry Aside, South Carolina, Georgia Cops Target Game Day DUI

College football is more than just a sport in South Carolina; it is a longstanding tradition, a way of life even. For college football fans, game day is a time to relax, celebrate feats of tremendous athleticism, and gather with friends and family. On such occasions, fans often indulge in a few adult beverages as part of the experience. While alcoholic beverages are part of the game day tradition, according to South Carolina state troopers, they often lead to drunk driving during the college football season. In a new initiative, state troopers in Georgia and South Carolina are teaming up to target drunk driving on college football game days.

State troopers will collaborate to arrest drunk drivers traveling to college games

At the recent game between the Clemson University Tigers and the University of Georgia Bulldogs, approximately 81,500 fans turned out at the stadium in South Carolina. For many of them, travel arrangements were an important part of a successful game day - as were alcoholic beverages.

For these fans, officers from both South Carolina and Georgia had an important message: get a designated driver or risk arrest. A public service announcement featuring South Carolina and Georgia state troopers aired during the game that warned college football fans to plan a sober ride when tailgating and attending post-game parties and also announced collaborative efforts between the states to crack down on drunk driving.

Several more similar announcements are planned for other "border" games later in the season.

Been arrested for drunk driving? Contact a DUI defense lawyer today

In an ideal world, you would always have a designated driver handy, a place to stay or easy public transportation options to get home when you have been drinking. But in the real world, this is not always possible, and many drivers find themselves with few options after they have had a few drinks, especially when traveling long distances like fans do when traveling to see their favorite college football teams.

Even if you could find somewhere to stay, it is impractical to simply leave your vehicle parked and risk a ticket or a tow, and interstate options for getting a sober ride home are unlikely to materialize if you haven't already planned for one.

You can quite easily get ensnared in a drunk driving arrest, particularly with South Carolina and Georgia police officers collaborating this college football season. If you are arrested, it is important to get legal help as soon as possible; with a DUI defense lawyer, you may be able to avoid the worst consequences of a drunk driving charge.

Don't let a drunk driving charge forever taint your game day experience: protect your legal rights and get in touch with a DUI defense lawyer today.

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